Oregano Oil – An Effective All Natural Sinus Supplement For Sinus Relief

Over 37 million Americans suffer from sinus problems each year.

sinus supplementWhile some of these problems are cause by polyps or other growths in the sinus area, a large number of these problems are due to infections in the sinus cavities.

The infections cause these small air filled tunnels to fill up with fluid and become congested and inflamed.

As congestion in the sinuses build, the flow of this fluid in the sinus passages slows and creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi to grow rampant.

Causes of Sinus Infections or Sinus Problems

There are a number of different causes of those sinus problems, and most if not all cause a feeling of pressure around the forehead, eyes and cheek area, which often reaches the point of being painful.

Many times sinus problems are accompanied by headaches, fever, watery eyes, all resulting in your feeling miserable and making it difficult to complete even the simplest tasks. Some of the causes of sinus problems include:

1. Simple colds. When you get a cold, your nasal passages get filled with mucus and this mucus can then back up into the sinus cavities which open into your nasal passage. If your cold is of short duration, the sinuses may clear up on their own along with your cold.

2. Allergies can also lead to sinus problems as allergens in the air that you breathe find their way into the nasal passages where they can cause inflammation and mucus, which once again backs up into your sinuses.

3. Pollutants of all types including allergens, strong odors, smoke, bacteria and fungus spores can be breathed in where they can irritate the sinuses and again cause a sinus infection and inflammation.

While fungi are rarely the cause of sinus infection in and of itself, fungi grow in warm dark damp places, which makes your sinuses when they are swollen and filled with fluid the perfect breeding ground. Once fungi take root in your sinuses they can cause your sinus problems to worsen.

4. Swimming in chlorinated water on a regular basis can also help to increase your risk of sinus pressure as chlorinated water irritates your nasal and sinus passages causing inflammation. which can lead to the build up of fluid.

5. Over use of nasal sprays. While nasal sprays are designed to open up or moisten nasal passages, overuse of these sprays can create excess moisture, which can lead to a sinus infection.

Most often people who suffer from dry nasal passages do so because the air in their home or office is too dry. It is better to use a humidifier to correct the dry air problem rather than rely on nasal sprays to keep the nasal passages moistened and open.

To make matters worse, an overworked or less than healthy immune system can make it difficult for your body to fight a sinus infection or even the common cold, which results in further difficulties in clearing these types of infections up.

Various Treatments For Sinus Infections

Depending on the cause of your sinus infection or problem, there are a number of treatments that are often suggested to help relieve those problems and get you back on the road to health. Here is a look at some of the different suggested treatments.

Antihistamines and Allergy Medications

People who suffer from sinus problems mainly due to allergies often find their doctors recommend that they treat the infections with a number of different allergy medications including antihistamines that reduce the inflammation and the pressure in the sinus passages. They are also told to avoid going outside during those days when pollen is at its highest.

In some cases antihistamines may be suggested even for people with sinus problems unrelated to allergies simply because it does reduce inflammation.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can also help to reduce sinus problems in people with allergies or in homes where there are a lot of indoor pollutants as these machines remove a portion of the pollutants from the air, allowing you to breathe in cleaner air that contains less of these irritating pollutants.

Do keep in mind however, that there are many different kinds of air purifiers on the market and some are better than others, and there is no air purifier that is going to remove 100% of every type of pollutant from the air.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

While humidifiers can add moisture to the air of your home and thereby help reduce your reliance on nasal sprays and the risk of sinus infections caused by these sprays, some people can help fight their sinus infections by using dehumidifiers in areas of their home like bathrooms and kitchens.

By dehumidifying the air of damp rooms you decrease the risk of bacteria and fungus in the home. Both bacterial and fungus can contribute to the frequency and worsening of sinus problems.

Breathing Steam

One home remedy that is often used to help aid sinus infections is to breathe in steam through your nose. The steam works to help thin out the mucus that has built up in your sinus area, allowing it to flow out of the sinuses a bit easier.

Some people add other things to the steam to help open the sinus passages such as Vick’s Vapor rub or herbs. We will discuss more on the use of herbs in steam to help fight sinus infections just a bit later.

Vitamin C

While vitamin C doesn’t relieve sinus infections directly, it can help to strengthen your immune system, resulting in your immune system being stronger and better able to fight against your sinus infection. However, you should be aware it can take weeks or months to strengthen a weakened immune system.

Oregano Oil – The Perfect Natural Sinus Relief Formula

Of course one of the best treatments for sinus problems is to help prevent them from occurring in the first place and many people seem to be discovering that Oregano oil does wonders both to help prevent and to treat those sinuses infections and problems.

Oregano oil comes from the oregano plant that grows in regions of the Mediterranean. The oil is rendered from the plant by crushing the leaves and processing them in specific way.

The wild oregano that is used in the oregano oil that is being used to prevent and treat sinus infections is slightly different than the oregano you use for seasoning your food.

Oregano oil is believed to be effective at treating sinus problems due to its anti bacterial and anti-fungal qualities as well as the fact that it can help to boost the immune system.

In its oil form, oregano can be added to boiling water and the steam inhaled through the nose. While the steam from the water helps to thin the mucus in the sinuses so it can flow better, the steam from the oregano oil works to kill the bacteria and fungi that hide in the sinuses leading to faster relief for sinus pressure, pain and headache than with plain steam alone.

Oregano Oil as a Preventive Sinus Supplement

However, many people are finding that when they take oregano oil in tablet or capsule form on a regular basis they can actually reduce the frequency of their sinus problems. Oregano oil works particularly well as a preventive if bacteria or fungus is a major contributor to your problem.

Choosing the Right Oregano Oil Sinus Supplement

Of course like every supplement on the market, not all oregano oil capsules are created equal or contain an adequate amount of oregano oil to really help fight those sinus infections or problems.

As a consumer you want to make sure that you are getting a tablet that contains enough oregano oil to actually help to prevent those sinus flare ups.

Look for Oregano oil capsules that contain at least 100mg of wild oregano oil. Try and avoid those proprietary blends that contain high amounts of olive oil and only small doses of wild oregano.

You also want to make sure that package lists of the percent of Carvacol on the label as it is the carvocol that contains all the bacteria and fungi fighting properties of the oil.

The percentage of Carvacol should be 50% or higher in order to be sure that you are getting enough anti bacterial and anti fungal properties to help fight that sinus infection.